Our Philosophy

The very best

Our goal is, with everything we do, to give your child(ren) and you the very best.
We want children to say: ‘I want to go to the Croco Club!’. In this way it will be a lot easier for
you to combine work and parenting. We do everything in our power to make sure that your son
or daughter is in a place of great care.

Together and individually

Our basic principle is ‘together’.
With the children: playing together, learning together, sharing together and partying together.
And with the parents: talking together, guiding together, caring together. Our pedagogical main
goal is to find the optimal mixture between attention for the individual child and attention for
group processes. This is how we strive for the best growth-opportunities for each child.

Just that little extra

Of course we offer children a secure, safe, warm and friendly environment and loving but
professional caretakers. But because we want to distinguish ourselves, we offer more:
  • Very well educated staff of whom we demand a lot
  • Opportunity for children to do their homework under supervision
  • The professional observation system named ‘Well-being of the child’
  • A professional and conscious feeding policy
  • Openness and accessibility in our contact with the parent(s); 
  • A lot of personal attention for the children
  • Participation; the voice of your child will be heard! 
  • A lot of attention for fun and special activities
The pedagogical employees offer the children various activities, but the basic rule is:
nothing is mandatory, everything is possible. Well, of course not everything……
Each child is different, each child has their own desires and needs. One wants to sit back,
relax, and read a book after a busy day at school, while the other can’t wait to start building
a fort or play house for example. When the weather is nice we stimulate the children to go
outside and make use of the huge sports fields. We think that own input and fantasies of
the children are very important and we would never force anything on anyone. 
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